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Our world is changing dramatically. Each of us is impacted in multiple ways and we are all being called upon to adapt in new and unprecedented ways. Engaging in this paradigm shift with awareness and intention is necessary to fully meet today’s challenges.

Whether you’re interested in building resilience, reducing anxiety, learning to turn toward your inner world with curiosity, optimizing your health and wellbeing, negotiating a life transition, or simply learning how best to create change in your life, coaching provides an opportunity for greater alignment with your deepest wisdom.

As a Nurse Coach, I bring decades of experience as a registered nurse to the modalities of coaching. Drawing on my career as a R.N. in hospice care, as well as a long term committed spiritual practice, I bring skillsets of presence, curiosity, deep sensitivity and reflection to support your ongoing exploration. The holistic perspective I bring creates a safe coaching container from which deep, sustainable life changes can occur.

Inner Life Coaching offers the opportunity to explore what matters most to you as you take action in creating the changes you want.

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I view you as expert and whole in your life, with capacity for subtle and profound changes to support your wellbeing. I understand that change is best achieved when aligned with your goals, desires and

readiness for change.


I believe the change process is grounded in an awareness that effective change evolves from within before it can be manifested or maintained externally.


I partner with you to co-create a safe environment for relationship-centered coaching, using holistic principles and modalities that integrate body-mind-emotion-spirit-environment.

I value both science (critical thinking, use of evidence, research/theory) and art (intuition, creativity, mindfulness) as integral components of coaching.


Holistic Life Coaching

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