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Tree is a Board Certified Nurse Coach having received her training through the Nurse Coach Collective.  Coaching expresses her passion to utilize her holistic perspective to serve in deep, authentic ways, coaching her clients in the inner journey of transformation that supports outer change.

Tree is also trained as a Positive Intelligence® Coach, and draws on Internal Family Systems training as well as an understanding of how  our brain neurophysiology supports learning and change.  Tree offers a trauma-informed focus in her coaching and values the use of curiosity and inquiry to explore inner experience, which allows one's own wisdom to guide. 


Drawing on experience of a 35-year career as a registered nurse, manager and leader in hospice care, Tree Dunbar learned the value of important, honest, and transparent conversations. Working in the field of death and dying shaped the core beliefs that inform Tree’s coaching: the role of truth in healing, how staying in touch with the profound mystery of dying helps us identify what matters most, how presence is essential and offers the deepest medicine. Tree’s years of experience with patients and families facing end of life has given her a deep confidence in her clients’ resilience, healing—and  even thriving—in the face of suffering and loss.

As a student of the Diamond Approach for over 20 years, Tree has been fortunate to have an avenue for her own inner work and exploration. Her spiritual path continues to support her own development through teachings and practices of meditation, inquiry and sensing.


Tree is the a co-owner of a small collaborative, Sacred Art of Nursing that focuses on providing mindfulness programs and retreats for nurses.


Tree completed a Certification for Psychedelic Therapy and Research at CIIS which engages a different paradigm for healing and growth. Coaching can serve in the preparation and integration process related to these powerful medicines.Drawing on these different threads of learning in her life, Tree trusts that a healing intelligence exists in each of us. Her background has cultivated a deep curiosity that she brings to her coaching practice as she supports clients in their personal journey of wellness.

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